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Glorious Glutes: Kettlebell Workout

Strength Training Workout Collection • 30m

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  • Glorious Glutes & Thinner Thighs LIVE...

    This lower body strength workout focuses on the gluteals, the abductors, adductors, and the abs! Train effectively using the best gluteal science we've got! This workout begins with a muscle activation warm up to ensure the muscles are firing and our workout is effective! Optional Equipment: Hea...

  • Total Body Chisel: Body Sculpt Streng...

    A total body strength workout to sculpt and define your entire body, rev up your metabolism and keep it burning strong even at rest! xo~J

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  • Legs & Glutes: Body Sculpt Strength N...

    A very effective strength workout targeting your legs and glutes! These exercises will tone your legs, slim your hips, and lift your butt.

    Optional equipment: loop band, set of heavy dumbbells or kettlebells, riser, hard ball

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