LIVE Workouts!

LIVE Workouts!

I am VERY excited to announce that I will be bringing you LIVE workouts via a private Facebook group, as a new added membership benefit! This group is exclusively for members! There will be a new LIVE workout every Wednesday at 8:30am PST! All live workouts will be saved on the group’s private page, so if you miss the workout live or want to do it again and again, it will be there for you! This will be an awesomely fun way for us to interact, as well as to support and encourage each other! Exclusive access to the live workouts in this group is now included in your membership! If you would like to take advantage of this free extra membership perk, please follow these 2 easy steps:

1) Like & Follow to FitForceFX on Facebook

2) Request to join the "FitForceFX TV LIVE Workout Group” and answer the questions in the prompts. The questions will ask you to provide the email address and name that you used when you signed up for your membership. You must be a current member to gain (and retain) access to the group.

Once I have manually verified your membership, you will gain access to the FitForceFX LIVE workout group! Please email me with any questions. I can’t wait to start working out with you LIVE! Be sure to tell your friends about so we can all workout together!

Stay safe! Stay healthy! Stay motivated! I’m here for you!


*Please note: Facebook requires that you have a Facebook account in order to join any FB group. If you do not have a Facebook account, you will need to set one up prior to requesting membership in the FitForceFX TV LIVE Workout Group.

LIVE Workouts!